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"You’re not alone"

豊永 一心Isshin Toyonaga

美来工科高等学校2年 /
2nd Year Student, Mirai Technical High School


"I can change too"


だから、将来は沖縄の会社のサラリーマンとして働くのかなって漠然と考えていましたね。学校では資格勉強ばかりで、あまり勉強することに意義を感じていなかったのですが、Ryukyufrogsに参加し、シリコンバレーに行って、自分の圧倒的なインプットの量の少なさに衝撃を受けました。Uber(シリコンバレー発祥のタクシーサービス)の運転手には、”I’m fine thank you and you?"しか言えなかったので全く会話にならず、とても悔しい思いをしましたね。でも、シリコンバレーにいる人たちも、会ってみたら普通の人間だなって思ったんです。あたりまえだけど(笑)。そしたら、ここで働くのはそんなに難しいことじゃないかなって思ったんです。


My reason for joining was that Kyo Uehara from my class, had participated in the 6th session of Ryukyufrogs. After seeing Kyo, who had previously always been overly talkative in the back of the class, continue to change, I wondered if I might be able to change too. Up until now, I never had a real goal, I had done nothing but work at a part time job, and was completely focused on being able to pay for my tuition and support my family.

That’s why I only had the vague notion to become an employee at some company in Okinawa in the future. At school I only studied to pass qualifications, and had no sense of what I was actually studying, and when I participated in Ryukyufrogs and realized the overwhelmingly small amount of input I had during our trip to Silicon Valley, I was shocked. At Uber (A Silicon Valey based taxi service), I could only say “I’m fine thank you and you?" to the driver and was completely incapable of communicating, which was very frustrating. However, after meeting the people at Silicon Valley, I couldn’t help but think that they were just regular human beings. Even though that should be obvious (haha). And so I thought to myself that working here isn’t impossible.

Being there made me think that even I could do something to change the world.That is why, after getting back to Japan, I made it my goal to “work in Silicon Valley” and decided to start studying programming and English. My dreams aren’t limited to programming though. I want to be able to do business, marketing and a variety of other things too.

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"If you are doing your best, there is always somebody watching"
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That is exactly why I am currently studying English and programming in the Phillipines right now. In reality, I cannot afford the cost of something as luxurious as studying abroad, but I am receiving free tuition from Nexseed and crowdfunding to raise money to cover the other costs and make it a reality. At the beginning my English level was the 2nd lowest rank on a 6 rank scale, but now its has moved up to the 3rd highest rank and I can actually enjoy day to day conversation now.

In my programming class, I am learning PHP to create a “Diving Log App” together with my team that I can use to log the diving records that I have. Everyday is filled with studying, but on my holidays I get to enjoy life Cebu and I am living life to its fullest.My goal is to have learned programming and english skills that I can use in a work setting before I return to Japan.When working on something with all I’ve got, I sometimes feel a bit isolated or lonely. However, I am definitely not alone. When I was trying to save money to study abroad, many people helped out and supported me, and think about that helps me remember that I am not alone.If you are doing your best, there is definitely someone watching you. Someone is cheering for you.



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