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"Isn’t it harder to look for an excuse not to do something?"

兼城 駿一郎Shunichiro Kaneshiro

株式会社misosil 代表取締役社長 /
Managing Director, misosil Inc.


"I might be able to put up a better fight than I thought"

ある研修に参加している際に、IT frogs(当時)へ参加してみないかと誘われたのがきっかけです。学生時代から起業したいと思い、ビジネスに興味を持っていたので、良いきっかけだなと思いました。また、一人でアプリを作ったり開発をすることはありましたが、チームで創り上げるという経験はあまりなく、誰かと共感を分かち合うことができずにもやもやしていたんです。だから、誘いを断る理由はありませんでした。

IT frogsでは、下は高校生から27歳までのメンバーでチームをくむことができました。また、皆それぞれ違う価値観を持っていました。国際政治を学んでいる人がいればマーケティングを学んでる人もいるみたいな。だから僕も勉強になったし、逆に自分が持っている技術や知識を他のメンバーに共有したりして、異文化交流って感じでした(笑)。



While taking part in a training session one day, I was invited to join (what was at the time) IT frogs. I had always considered starting a business when I was a student, and was very interested in business, so I thought it would be a great opportunity. Also, I had developed apps by myself, but I had never worked as a team to make them, and I was starting worry a bit that I couldn’t properly empathize with others. So basically there was no reason for me to say no.

In IT frogs, I was part of a team ranging from high schoolers younger than me to participants up to 27 years old. Everyone had different values and opinions. There were people studying everything from international policy to marketing. So it was a good learning experience for me, and actually after sharing my tech knowledge with some other members, I got the feeling that it was like a cultural exchange (haha).

The experience of gathering a bunch of people with different backgrounds and brainstorming together was really interesting. Until I actually visited the U.S., I felt like Silicon Valley was a far off existence for me, but after actually going there, I found that other groups of about 2 or 3 students, just like me, starting their own companies was actually common place and thought that if they could do it, then I should be able to do it too.

I started to feel that I might be able to put up a better fight then I thought. With this experience as a springboard, I began to attend business conference and programming events. I even found two of them in Japan.

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IT frogsの活動で最もインパクトがあったのは、シリコンバレー研修の最後あたりで、みんなが本気でぶつかり合って喧嘩になりかけたことです。俺はこうしたい!という主張をし合うガチの大事さ。本気で話し合える仲間って本当に貴重。良い仲間ができたなって思います。 現在は、株式会社リクルートホールディングスを退社して、仲間3人と一緒に株式会社misosilを起業しCEOを務めています。

The thing that I felt most impacted by during IT frogs was when at the end of the trip to Silicon Valley everyone started debate with each other. That is why its important to honestly say “I want to do this!”. Having friends that you can speak honestly with is invaluable. I thought at that point that I had made some good friends. At present, I have left my job at Recruit Holdings Inc. and am now the CEO of misosil, a company that I started with my 3 friends.


"The importance of honesty"
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東京だけでなく、沖縄や地方の学生にももっと勢いづいて欲しい。起業だけでなくても、研究でもなんでも周囲に流されずに全力でやれる人が誕生するのはとても良いと思います。frogsのような仕組みで地方が盛り上がると、日本全体でエコシステムが築けると思うんです。 沖縄に住む学生の方へ。『やらない理由を探す方が難しくない?』

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Our projects involve developing web analysis tools and providing marketing consulting. Living in Tokyo gives me the feeling that Tokyo is unfair. There are lots of talented students and workers, and money can be attained easily. On the other hand, by living in your home region, you don’t realize that is happening. Not only Silicon Valley, but the enthusiasm for startups in Tokyo, too is amazing.

Not just in Tokyo, but in Okinawa and all other regions, I want students to become more passionate. Whether its starting a business, diving into research or anything else, the birth of people that aren’t swayed by your surroundings and dive in with their full power is a wonderful thing. If other regions were to be as passionate about programs like frogs, then I think that the ecosystem in all of Japan would grow. To the students living in Okinawa: “Isn’t it harder to look for an excuse not to do something?”



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