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"I want to create a friendly world"

早川 匠Takumi Hayakawa

慶應義塾大学環境情報学部3年 / 3rd Year Student, Keio University School of Environmental Information


"I want to create something on my own"



Ever since I was little, I was always good at coming up with new ideas, so up until I was in high school, I often participated in contests that made use of that. I wasn’t especially good at school, and I wasn’t much of an athelete either, so I was searching for something that would suit me. Ryukyufrogs was recommended to me by my teacher, and without any hesitation, I decided to try it.

The best part of Ryukyufrogs was that the other participants, the mentors, and the leap day guests were all people that you typically wouldn’t be able to meet. Through the program I came to know the harshness of reality and at the same time was forced to recognize my own lack of ability. Even if I imagined some amazing idea, if I had no skills I couldn’t bring it into reality. At the beginning of the program, I already liked the idea of being an entrepreneur, but I have gradually wanted to create something on my own more and more. I think Ryukyufrogs is what fueled that desire.

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"Try difficult things without complaining"
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現在は大学で、人間と情報技術の関わりをテーマに研究をしています。ネット上の無用な傷つけあいを有用な議論に転換することができないかと考えています。誹謗中傷や炎上のやりたい放題ではなく、優しい世界を作りたいんです。ネットワーク上のコミュニティを健全に保つために、今後は機械学習やビックデータを扱って施策を立てるつもりです。 同時に、技術力を身につけるため現在はIT企業でエンジニアのアルバイトをしています。仕事なので途中で投げ出さずにきちんとした”製品”として実装しなければなりません。だからこそ緊張感や責任感をもってコードを書くことになり、趣味でプログラミングをしていた時よりも確実に力がついている実感があります。


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Currently, I am in college researching how humans interact with information technology.I believe that it is possible to convert unnecessary attacks on other people through the internet into productive discussions. Rather than unlimited online slander and overwhelming people with message volume, I want to create a friendly world. In order to preserve the health of the online community, I want to use machine learning and big data to create policies in the future.At the same time, in order to increase my engineering abilities, I am working part-time at an IT company as an engineer. It is a job, so I can’t quit halfway through and have to continue a project until a product has been created. Now when I write code, there is a sense of nervousness, as well as responsibility, and I feel as if my abilities are actually improving compared to when I just did programming as a hobby.

For those thinking about participating in Ryukufrogs, I think its necessary to have a strong resolution. During the program, there will be much more that you need to do besides just developing a program, but that will definitely be a good thing as you get farther down the road in life. If you are looking for some sort of realization, then try difficult things without complaining.



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