金城 廣太 Kodai Kinjo


"Because you will expand your capabilities"

金城 廣太Kodai Kinjo

琉球大学工学部4年(休学中) / 4th Year Student, University of the Ryukyu


“I wanted to find a field that I could succeed in”




I applied because I was interested in how to create a business. I am not trying to catch up to those who are good with technology. I wanted to find a different field, and that field turned out to be business. I wanted to learn about the cutting edge businesses in Silicon Valley, and had always had a strong interest in the people working there. I was bad at losing and always high spirited. This might have been a result of the fact that I have always been pretty good at sports and studying.

At my technical school, in the beginning I always had good grades too, so I thought it wasn’t a big deal. Then all of the sudden my grades dropped and I feel to 10th from the bottom in the class. (haha)I went into a technical school thinking that I could get a high paying job at a large company after graduating. That’s why I always thought that as long as I graduated I would be fine. In my second year, I got failing marks in a compulsory subject and my chances of graduating started to look bleaker. It was at that point that I started to feel that I was on the brink of a crisis.

At that time, I listened to a business confrence discussion, and decided to apply.After that, I started to show up to more and more events. In doing so, my contacts expanded and I started to feel like I knew everything. However, that feeling was shallow, and around my 3rd year of technical school, I realized that I needed to actually be able to accomplish something.From there, I applied to do an internship with an IT company in Tokyo. The experience I gained from what I made there was enormous.



“The most important thing is that my values regarding people have changed”





I get the feeling that I slowly learned a lot of things during Ryukyufrogs.I especially learned about the values of leadership. Up until now, I would just cut out people I didn’t like, but after participating in frogs, I began to think about my team, and rather than just cut them out, focus on doing what was necessary for the team to succeed.

Working together with other team members that have different values for 6 months in a concentrated environment is not something you get to experience typically.What changed the most for me during Ryukyufrogs was how I valued other people. I began to recognize the importance of diversity. I still can only put on a rigid smile around people I don’t like though. (haha)Currently I am working on three important things: my team, myself and media art.Since entering the tech community, I have started trying whatever I find interesting. In the future, I would like to go abroad to get a masters degree.

I would like to say one last thing.“This is a message to those of you who think that you can do things pretty much effortlessly. Become someone who can do even more than that.”